Marta Burton

“Dave is a masterful coach who gently guided me through a huge career transition into a completely new field. He was able to help me see in myself the qualities, strengths and desires that were to the be compass pointing me in the direction of my new job. I am so grateful for his insight, deep listening and ongoing coaching as I navigate the corporate world after having spent 30 years as a performing artist. I highly recommend him to those who seek clarity, guidance and support towards positive change.”

- Marta Burton

L. Wilson

“When I first met Janet, I had a natural connection with her. Her intuitive nature and thoughtful demeanor helped me move through some tough questions I had about the direction in my life. She has a way of asking the right questions to move a thought process into a deeper understanding and further action.

If you are feeling ‘stuck’ and just need movement that is meaningful for you, Janet can help in what can be an intimidating yet needed process to move forward. I love her.”

- L. Wilson

Matthew Burton

“Dave’s work with me as a coach has been invaluable. He’s genuinely patient, curious, intelligent, and open minded. He’s an experienced executive and team leader, and seems able to apply his analytical gifts to any problem or challenge. With me, he’s been able to ask me key questions on numerous professional and personal challenges that I have identified and shared with him over time. With each one, his questions have led me to a better framework – of my own creation – that allow me to solve for the challenge at hand. He’s never done the work for me. He’s never lost interest. He’s never judged. He’s simply listened, responded, and suggested the next question or consideration. The next step has always been mine. For me, he’s the epitome of a great coach.”

- Matthew Burton

“As of 2015 I had never heard of a life coach. I was a thirty-something year old that had always struggled with anxiety, depression and a rough past. After struggling to deal with a bad break up I was offered the opportunity to work with Dr. Stephens (Janet) as my life coach. Through her guidance and constant faith in me I have learned to properly deal with my feelings, work through tough situations, accept my past and understand myself and my mental needs. I am proud to say that I am a completely changed person with more happiness and acceptance in my life than I ever thought possible.”

- B. Shirley

“Janet is an inspirational coach. I had the honor to work with her as I was transitioning from my corporate job. As I express that it was not fulfilling me, she welcomed my expression with an uplifting energy. Her warmth and support really allowed me to feel comfortable to be honest with her and myself. With that being said I successful move on from my job and am now heading in the direction that best serves me, my family and the people around me.

If you are looking for a coach who will be there 100% without any judgement and who will be patient with you during your transition then I would recommend Janet.”

- Kev

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