Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.

Janet and David


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Having been a person that was always putting myself second in order to meet others' expectations, my life’s journey of experiencing detours, dead-ends and losses lead me to a transition of change. It was through these times that I was able to see the map in full-view, to see that living my life following others’ expectations was unfulfilling and to release the many chains that were holding me back.

In my career, I have been the go-to person in crisis situations due to my calm demeanor. My philosophy is that we don’t make mistakes, we receive lessons. With this philosophy in mind, even during a crisis, I am able to ask questions to find out what there is to learn from a situation and what opportunities there are for growth.

Having spent over 30 years in various areas of the medical field, I have found that we have adopted a “band-aide” philosophy in terms of care, with which I don’t agree. My goal at Key to Harmony is to help each person release the energy that blocks their ability to achieve their true potential— not simply apply band-aides when solutions are available. My work as a Transition Professional focuses on the individual and their needs.

When I’m not guiding others toward empowered transitions in their lives, I enjoy gardening and dog walking in the park. I love working with animals and cooking, deeming myself a bit of an at-home-gourmet chef!



Coaches played an important part of my development.  I played football for Yale, and developing young men into leaders and pillars of their communities was more important than victory on the gridiron.  As a manager in the railroad industry, I have participated in great team success by using my coaching skills.  It gives me great satisfaction to see people succeed.  In the case of End of Life transitions, I coach the friends and family of individuals diagnosed with terminal conditions.  

Our Philosophy on Transitions

Everyone encounters obstacles in life; each person has the ability to learn how to understand the challenges we face and to turn them in to a platform for growth and success. Each individual determines their needs with the purpose to resolve issues, bring harmony to the body, mind and soul and to answer questions from within.

Whether you have one hurdle or many, let Key to Harmony provide you with the “key” to a new way of living your life for a great today and a better tomorrow.

A career change can be very difficult, especially when you’ve been at a career for so long. Leaving your comfort zone to do something different can bring on many anxieties - such as whether or not you’ll meet new expectations, or whether you’re as good as you used to be. It is a huge challenge to transition to a new career, to find a comfort level and confidence in yourself. My work as a Transition Professional focuses on you, increasing your confidence in yourself so that you feel optimistic that you have the ability to make the change.

New Relationships

It may not seem like it, but entering a new relationship can be difficult. Whether you’ve been single for a long time or not, sharing your time and space with someone new can be a challenge and sometimes it may seem easier to be alone than to open yourself up to a new possibility. Having been through this myself, I understand the challenges and will work with you so that you feel confident that you can handle the new opportunities that sharing your life with someone can bring.


People change, situations change, and you may find yourself transitioning out of a relationship that has become a major part of your life. It can be scary but together we can work through your separation to empower you to feel confident and maybe even excited to be independent and what that looks like for you.

Moving to a new place is a big life transition. Having been through a couple of cross-country moves myself, I understand both the feelings of excitement and anxiety you may have. Together, we can work through these feelings to empower you to enjoy the thrill of meeting new people and exploring a new environment.

Any significant change in your health that causes you to have anxiety of the unknown and transitioning to becoming dependent on others can be very scary.

You may wonder what is going to happen next. You have concerns about the effects your health will have on your relationships or the way you will live the rest of your life. You may be concerned about needing to adapt to mechanical assistance or physical assistance from others.

Fear of becoming a burden to others and the loss of your independence and self-control can become debilitating.

We can work through these fears and anxieties so that you keep your dignity and feel empowered that you are not losing who you are when you have to rely on others. While this change may be scary, the change in your health status doesn’t change who you are.

Through my years working in the medical environment, cancer research and the many losses of loved ones, I have developed a passion for working with individuals that have determined that they are ready to transition from this world. This is not an easy decision for many. It is a decision based on being able to put yourself as a priority when your loved ones ask you not to be “selfish”. I do not believe this is being selfish, it is expressing an your desire to live or not live your remaining days a specific way and prepare for the next phase of what’s to come. I have the experience to help you in this transition, not only for yourself but in helping you discuss your decisions with loved ones.

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