Certified End of Life Specialist

Janet Stephens, PhD, CEOLS, CPC, ELI-MP

A Personal Note

Through my years working in the medical environment, cancer research and the many losses of loved ones, I have a passion for working with individuals that have determined that they are ready to transition from this world. This is not an easy decision for many. It is a decision based on being able to put yourself as a priority when your loved ones ask you not to be “selfish”. I do not believe this is being selfish, it is expressing your desire to live or not live your remaining days a specific way and prepare for the next phase of what’s to come. I have the experience to help you in this transition, not only for yourself but in helping you discuss your decisions with loved ones and living your transition as you desire.

What is a “Death Doula”?

The term “doula” means “one who serves”. You may be familiar with birth doulas who assist a mom while birthing or help afterward. Modeled similarly, end-of-life doulas provide non-medical, practical, emotional and spiritual support for the individual who is facing the end-of life, and their loved ones saying good-bye. End-of-Life doulas are known by many different names, such as; death doulas, thanadoulas, soul midwives, end-of-life specialists, providers, practitioners, coaches, or guides. They all focus lovingly, and specifically on the wishes of the client/family to facilitate a comfortable, peaceful, and meaningful death.

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