A coaching practice serving individuals making transitions.

  • Career Change
  • Relationships
  • Relocation
  • Health Changes
  • End of Life

At Key To Harmony, our focus is our clients, their friends and their families. We create a safe place to think, to feel, and to plan.

Our coaching enables a client to sort through thoughts and feelings, to consider priorities and values, and to make decisions for oneself.

Everyone encounters obstacles in life; each person has the ability to learn how to understand the challenges we face and to turn them into a platform for growth and success. Each individual determines their needs with the purpose to resolve issues, bring harmony to the body, mind and soul and to answer questions from within.

Whether you have one hurdle or many, let Key to Harmony provide you with the “key” to a new way of living your life for a great today and a better tomorrow.

Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.



Having been a person that was always putting myself second in order to meet others' expectations, my life’s journey of experiencing detours, dead-ends and losses lead me to a transition of change. It was through these times...

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Janet Stephens and David Rohal



Coaches played an important part of my development.  I played football for Yale, and developing young men into leaders and pillars of their communities was more important than victory on the gridiron.  As a manager in the railroad...

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Janet Stephens and David Rohal
Janet Stephens and David Rohal
Life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities.
Marta Burton

“Dave is a masterful coach who gently guided me through a huge career transition into a completely new field. I highly recommend him to those who seek clarity, guidance and support towards positive change.”

- Marta Burton

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